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04:46pm 19/07/2011
I've been spending a lot of time with my Wolf. As usual. We've been watching movies/television shows, playing games, working on projects, and doing other stuff.

We've almost got our wedding reception all planned. Mostly looking at recipes and figuring out the guest list. A few other details, but most of it is worked out. I tried on my wedding dress yesterday. We have to get me some light colored lingerie to wear under it. It's a creamy off-white and all my lingerie is either black or other dark colors. It's so pretty!

Last week we went to the museum in Laurel and looked at a vintage toy exhibit. Then we went to watch an author speak about her book on Newt Knight, a Civil War renegade. He was such a slut. Lol, that was all I actually "learned" about him. Wolf knows a lot about him and told me most of the stuff the author talked about already. Wolf is a distant relative of Newt Knight.

We had 4th of July dinner at Wolf's parent's house. It was kinda fun. I have the most fun when it is just Wolf and me.
mood: happyhappy
music: Bauhaus.
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