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New Shoes.  
10:18pm 13/05/2011
Wolf's van got something wrong with the brake. It got hot and made the hub-cap melt and it fell off. The right front brake locked-up and Wolf had to fix it. His mom gave us a ride to the city to get parts and to drop-off our art entries for the ArtWalk.

His mom is the most annoying person. She fusses , complains and cusses about everything. She is not supportive of Wolf at all. She was rolling her eyes about the art show and being rude about everything. I don't know what her problem is. She's been that way for as long as I've known her.

She did buy me a new pair of shoes. Which I was glad for. I haven't had a new pair of everyday/walking type shoes in a while. She also tried to buy me some new clothes, because she hates the way I dress. Wolf likes the way I dress and I like the way I dress so that's all that matters to me. So I politely declined new clothes.

We dropped the art for the ArtWalk off. The art show is next Thursday. Wolf ended up taking two photos and a zombie art print. I'm keeping the fairy art he made. I created three pieces of art. One digital art print and two paintings, but only took the digital print. I want to do more work to the paintings.

Wolf got the van fixed. I'm very proud of how good he is at fixing stuff. He's my Jack-Of-All-Trades.
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