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My Ducks Are Crazy Quackers.  
07:24pm 16/06/2011
Wolf and I got two ducks a while back. Mr. Quackers & Mr. Quacktonapoulos.

We have a pond in our front yard and figured ducks would like it. There are willow trees and bushes around it, plenty of places for them to play, sleep, and hide and all that good stuff. But they like playing in the yard. They walk around eating bugs and rooting around in the grass. They get in the bushes and flower beds. When it rains they play in the water puddles in the yard.

They do get in the pond, but not as much as I thought ducks would. They like it a lot, but prefer playing in the yard.

Monday, it came a storm. The wind was blowing hard and it was pouring rain and it hailed. They were out in the yard playing in it.

They also eat a lot. They eat the moss and stuff growing around the pond. They eat bugs. They get under the bird feeders and wait for the birds to drop bird-feed. Wolf gives them dog-food and they will follow him around the yard quacking for him to throw some dog-food in the pond. He also gives them chicken feed.

They won't let us pet them, but they will come right up to us. It's cool how they always stay together and talk to each other all the time.
mood: amusedamused
music: The Cramps.
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