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Summer Fun.  
06:42pm 15/06/2011
Wolf & I have been swimming in the pool a lot. We swim at night so it's not so hot and we don't have to wear sunblock. It's so much fun!

We've been playing WarCraft a bunch lately. We're leveling toons together. Wolf made a tank character so we could enter dungeons faster. He's a really good tank, too.

We've been playing other kinds of games, too. Horror-themed board and card games.

We've also been watching cool movies and television shows. Like Mystery Science Theater, horror movies, 'Murder, She Wrote', and Spongebob Squarepants. Some stuff we own and some stuff we watch on Netflix.

Wolf and I might be going to a RPG (role play game) mini-con(vention) this coming Saturday. We also found someone who wants to RPG Call Of Cthulhu, Dungeons and Dragons, and possibly someone else who wants to RPG Vampire: The Masquerade. If we start doing 1-3 RPGs a week it will be a very busy summer.
mood: happyhappy
music: The Cramps.
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