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Some People Bother Me. (The bad kind of bother.)  
12:31pm 15/06/2011
This dude, Blair, I've known for years was on my Facebook friend-list. We got into a disagreement when I didn't agree with him about a post he made. He told me I had my "head in the sand" because I disagreed with him. Other than the fact that was a really jerk thing to say to someone because their opinion is different, he was wrong about what he said. He was arguing about a new law that was passed and he didn't even read anything but the headline. Headlines tend to make things sound worse than they are. Plus, he was talking about stuff he didn't know anything about trying to sound like he did and I do know about it and he got mad because I was right. Instead of saying your right or at least discussing it in a friendly way he was rude and then said he didn't want to talk about it anymore. People who are wrong and jerks always do that. They don't discuss things in an adult manner they just get mad and rude then don't want to talk about it anymore. Then I thought back to other stuff he had posted on his Facebook and I realized how closed minded and uninformed he is. He says he's informed and brags about it, but he's not. So I took him off my friends-list because he bothered me.

This dude I was talking to a couple of years ago, William, bothered me too. Blair and him are a lot alike. How they are always right even if their not and most of what they say is stupid. William thought that when I wrote blogs or said stuff about him online it meant he was special or something. He was either too full of himself or too stupid (or a little of both) to realize I get that way when people bother me. When someone bothers me it is because they are stupid and/or messed up and/or they do bad things that hurt people. He complained enough about me talking about people who bothered me, so he should have known how it was. He said he was the devil in my religion or something like that because I wrote about him. He was so full of himself. I said he was awful not evil. Just because he is the biggest jerk I know doesn't mean anything except he is really really messed up and only really causes himself problems. No matter how many people he uses or treats badly in the long run he will be the one hurt by himself. He is the one who is unhappy and lonely because of his personality. The people he hurts can and some will find someone better than he can ever be. Fact is it doesn't take much to be better than him.

Anyway, to start with when I wrote blogs, in my Livejournal blog, about William it was just to get a response out of him, since I was sure he was reading my blog. Which he was reading it. Same with sending him emails. I just wanted to see if he was nice at all and would apologize for being so mean to me. Like if he had something wrong with him and didn't mean to be such a jerk and felt bad about it. I shouldn't mess with someone like that, but since I was sure he was really a jerk I wasn't worried about his feelings. I only "play games" with people like that when they are jerks. Then when I wrote the blogs on the disability sites it was part payback because he was telling lies about me and also to warn people about him and the dangers of dating online. He ended up proving to a lot of people that he was awful by showing them some of his jerk personality and proving at least some of the stuff I said about him was true. They would have had to know him better to know about the rest. It was funny how he tried to make me look bad, but just proved to people I was telling the truth about him.

When I posted blogs about him or told people about William I didn't tell the first lie about him. It was all true. I even made a point to specify what was fact and what was my opinion (based on facts) about him. He got really mad and angry at me. He should have left me alone. I wasn't messing with him and I wasn't gonna say anything else about him before he talked bad about me. If he had a least told truths about me I wouldn't have said as much about him as I did. I just don't like it when people lie about me. I'm not gonna lie about anyone, but if a person tells lies about me I will tell people all the bad truths about them.

The way Blair acted reminded me so much of William. It was like trying to have a conversation with William but Blair cussed less. I just do not like people that are like that. I didn't have a problem with Blair before that. Although if I had been paying closer attention to things he said and comments he made I would have taken him off my friends-list a while back. He has this attitude that he thinks he is informed and making a difference and what he does means more than what other people do because he reads at some news stories and post about them on Facebook to a hundred or so people who he said either have him blocked or think he is entertaining because of the stuff he post. The onetime someone replied to what he posted with more than a joke or agreeing with him, he got really mad. It wouldn't have been so bad if he had at least read the news article instead of seeing a headline and making assumptions. Why would anyone want to argue about something they don't know anything about? It's so stupid.

I also realized that one of my problems with being friends with people is I use to would be friends with anyone. Didn't matter the label or how much money they had. So I've had some really trashy "friends". BTW, trashy doesn't mean poor. Poor and rich people can be trashy. It has to do with how they live and their morals and how they treat other people and a bunch of different stuff.

People like William and Blair are trash. I don't want to be friends with trash. They like problems and drama too much, and they get mad and angry and show their temper really fast and often for no reason at all. The lives they lead have no morals unless it suits them and they use people and they do a bunch of other stuff that makes them trash.

So I've cleaned off my friends-list on Facebook and everywhere else including people I know in person and only left people who seem like good people. Some I don't know very well and if they seem like trash I won't be friends with them anymore either. I used to be really understanding of the fact people have problems and make mistakes and get moody and have bad days and all that kind of stuff. It just caused me problems. People that are trash never appreciate someone being nice to them. Being nice to people like that just means to them that they can use you. So I'm being more picky about who I'll be friends with.

I hadn't really had a problem with anyone since the problems with William and it has been around a year since the last time I had a problem with him. So that kinda sucked, because I don't want to have problems with people and it's been a while since I've had an argument with someone. I also got to thinking how some people bother me. Most of the time it's because someone is a bad parent, but sometimes it's because they are jerks. Anyway that's why I wrote this blog. It's long because I write a lot about some stuff because if I don't explain stuff in detail people either don't understand or they get offended. So I try to make sure I get the point across. So that's why some of my blogs are long with lots of explanations and examples of what I'm talking about.
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